Rocamadour Slideshow

Rocamadour, France, viewed from the side of vertical cliff

Rocamadour, France, the long view from the side

Rocamadour view with Durandal sword hanging above

Rocamadour view - note Durandal's sword at the top

Rocamadour - a tower showing

A corner tower at Rocamadour

Rocamadour sign that shows famous people were here starting in 1150

Description of visits by famous people like Henry II, king of England

Rocamadour Black Madonna insider the chapel

The Black Madonna inside the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Rocamadour

Rocamadour Sacred Stairway with JB on the steps

JB on the Rocamadour Sacred Road stairway, over 200 steps

Rocamadour France, the entrance to the Notre Dame Chapel courtyard

The entrance to the Notre Dame Chapel courtyard at the top of the stairs in Rocamadour

Rocamadour passageway to a courtyard, and another chapel

A passageway to another chapel on the right, and a beautiful courtyard with a view.

Looking up at Durandal's sword at Rocamadour

Durandal's sword, hanging over the courtyard at Rocamadour's Notre Dame Chapel

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  1. Beautiful! We visited Roccamadour april 10 2014. We got op very early to experience sunrise on Roccamadour and it was worth while!! A very nice village I would love to visit again.
    I also recommend Albi and Carcassonne and Pau.

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