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Carol, JB, Rosie and Louie

Recently we moved to Europe after retiring. We are currently in Gindou, France, a small town in The Lot, an area (“Department”) in southern France.

Each week or so we try to visit fun places, generally with our dogs, Rosie and Louie. For the latest that we have posted on France, click the picture below, or select something from the menu. Tour Europe with us!

We also visit restaurants in the surrounding area, learn about the lifestyle wherever we are, practice our Italian or French, and sniff local walking trails with the dogs.

On this extended trip, we first went to France, for about 6 months, and lived in the town of Marminiac. in the Department of Lot, between Bordeaux and Cahors.

Tour Europe with Carol and JB

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Other  travel this year took us to Italy, Greece, and Germany. Coming up is Christmas in Budapest!  (Done!  New post coming soon!)

Be sure to visit our blog from time to time because every few days we will be adding new posts about new places visited; adventures with our Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs, Louie and Rosie. And we have also recently been to Russia, Argentina and Ireland, among other places..

The start of the current trip, which I guess we would call — “Moving to France”, all started back in July of 2011, when Carol and her friend, Barb, were taking a long walk back in San Diego. There is a beautiful walking path for horses, dogs and people in Ramona on a nature preserve on Highland Valley Road.

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It seems that this peaceful, happy environment cleared heads and prompted the obvious question, “Why don’t we sell our houses, sell or give away all our extra stuff, put everything else in storage, and tour Europe?” Simple answer: “Sure!”

If you plan to tour Europe or travel in France, you can learn a lot about villages, tourist sites, touring, recreation, prices and currency exchange, and living on the road. Every country has its own personality that makes it special. We also show restaurants and what we had, where to go and what to see.

Join us as we, and various friends, tour Europe and drive around southern France, take a river cruise on the Volga between St. Petersburg and Moscow, visit Buenos Aires, Bariloche and Villa Angostura in Argentina, and more. Come see the wonderful sites as we tour Europe.

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